Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Enticements" and "Snatching Back Our Children" by Mike Holman

If you have been following our quotes on our Wealthy Place ® Facebook Page, you know that we have just finished up our readings on the Psalms and are now starting the Book of Proverbs. Reading Proverbs 1:10-19 you will find the words, "If sinners entice thee consent thou not." defines "entice" as "to lead on by exciting hope or desire; allure;"

Over the years of sharing information with my children, I often tell them to watch who they associate with. Parents know that, as brought out in this Psalm, our children (and even us!) can be "enticed".

Many of us, not even involved in the church or religion, know a powerful truth. The longer our children associate with the wrong group, the stronger the chances of them becoming just like the group they associate with.

We have challenge with our children in school spend alot more hours away from us then they do with us. This is why we need to prayer over our children for God's keeping power. We need to ensure they know the way of salvation (not by forcing it down their throats!) and they they only need to "Confess with their Mouth and believe in their hearts that God has risen his son from the dead and they can be saved." We need to encourage them to receive (no beg) for the infilling of God's Holy Spirit. If you follow my "Monday Morning Prayer on Blog Talk Radio" you know I often try to include this in the prayer.

My lessons to my children is to never be intimidated by others. Never feel you have to gain another friends approval. You don't owe them anything. Our Children so need to hear from us (in loving words and tones), that there is a better way to life. I tell my children, never let anyone tell you, "You can never reach that goal". I tell them through Christ (if they have given their lives to him) they can DO ALL THINGS!

I tell my children that these "so called" friends will try to convince you that you have to "to what they do" to be cool. Often "what they do" can., make you a parent before marriage and way before your time, get you a prison record, get you killed or much more. How many of use know people we grew up with who are "no longer in the land of the living" due wrong associations.

I believe often our children may not even ever think of doing wrong acts, but they are "enticed" not only by so called Friends, but "The Internet", "TV", "Movies" and more. As I'm re-reading the Book of Proverbs, there are many "Virtues and Vises" that let you know the enjoyment of some of these things that others "entice" us will soon pass away.

It is a challenging job to raise children and try to "shield" them from these "enticements" but with God,"All Things Are Possible"

As I was reading this Psalm 1:10-19, I developed a stronger burden for "The Next Generation" as the enemy is trying to "Snatch Them Away", I'm determined, as you and many others, to "Snatch Them Back!"

What are your thoughts?

Yours In Christ,

Mike Holman


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