Monday, April 19, 2010

Unleashing The Power Of Facebook Fan Pages (Two Videos)

Unleashing the Power of Facebook Fan Pages:

Question: I notice on your Facebook FanPage there is a tab called, "Wealthy Place ®", which is obviously your Non-Profil Ministry and Registered Trademark.

How do you with Facebook Fan Pages, get your own separate page tab next to "Wall", "Info", "Boxes", etc?

Also how are you able to put your own content in this tab here on Facebook Fan Pages?

It seems like you are able to create you own Website Page all with your own content?

Also are their templates to help you build your Fan Page Tab?


You are absolutely correct!

You are given that power through something I just shared on my Pace University Blackboard group.

It's called Facebook Markeup Language or "FBML".

Just like you can add templates to your webpages you can add templates to your Fan Pages right on Facebook.

Go to on Facebook to see the available templates

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trailer "HCOMMERCE" The Business Of Hacking

The world wide web has become the wild wild west: ruthless, lawless, every man for himself. Each day billions of online scams are targeted at anyone and everyone in cyberspace, and if only a tiny fraction are successful, it's still incredibly lucrative. "H*COMMERCE: The Business of Hacking You" explores the inner workings of this dark trade and exposes how opening just one malicious email can disrupt a life or tear a family apart.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lecrae Moore: Finding a Father in God -

theofficial700club — January 06, 2010 — I wrestled with a sense of self-worth, because my dad decided drugs would be better than hanging out with his own son. - Hip-hop star Lecrae Moore describes how Jesus Christ changed his life... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN